“Welcome to all Texas Baptist Institute & Seminary students for an exciting school year!  God has given you a great opportunity to equip you in your service to Him as you help to advance His kingdom and fulfill the great commission.  You will study God’s Word from faculty who desire to help educate God’s servants into what God desires for their lives.  The TBI&S faculty and staff will help you do all we can to assist you in your journey.”                                                                                                                                                            James Roney, Dean of Students


The Spiritual side of Student Life is the best!  Students are given the opportunity to learn from Scripture but also grow in grace.  During the class time students and faculty meet for Chapel.  Praise Bands made up of students lead worship and a lesson is brought.  This is not designed to be simply another class time, but a time of Worship!

All students are involved in Discipleship through classroom settings and in a Mentor relationship with faculty.  Students are assigned to a faculty member to meet once a week, pray together and encourage each other.

Life-long relationships come from the mentor relationships and from friendships built attending TBI.


Students and their families are expected to join a local congregation and to participate in the total church activities as part of their education at TBI. Although joining Calvary Baptist Church, the sponsor of TBI, is encouraged, no specific church in the ABA fellowship is required. The church relationship will be used as an extension of education at TBI by providing an opportunity to make immediate application of knowledge and skills developed in classes throughout each week.

Part of Ministry Formation is devoting time to spiritual development, which brings balance to the student’s academic studies. The academic study of the Word will not and should not be thought to be a substitute for the study of God’s Word devotionally. Such a devotion time requires time to reflect on the Scriptures for application to self, not merely application to class work.


There are two storerooms located on the campus of TBI. Churches and individuals bless the students of TBI with monetary offerings, food and clothing for the storerooms.

Food Pantry

The Food Storeroom is stocked with a variety of items students use daily in their meal preparation. These supplies are intended for those students who are actually in need of provisions. This storeroom is available on the honor system.

Clothing Storeroom

The Clothing Storeroom has a wide variety and size of clothes for every member of the family. Students are encouraged to use as much of the clothing items as they can.



Texas Baptist Institute & Seminary has low-cost housing available to students at a cost well below prevailing rental rates. Rental rates are kept low to reduce the student’s financial burden while attending classes at TBI.

Eligibility to Rent: At least one adult member of the family must be enrolled in six (6) credit hours leading to a degree at TBI.



TBI has guest rooms available for visitors. Each guest room has two double beds with motel-type facilities. There is no television or telephone in these rooms.

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