Changes have taken place in the delivery mode of all classes due to the Virus that is affecting our way of life. ALL classes are being taught ON-LINE. I am very thankful Robert Wallace led the way to equip every classroom with excellent equipment (audio and video) even before we knew the necessary changes would take place in order for our MISSION TO CONTINUE. I am also thankful for the head of our IT Department, Dub West, and his assistant Kuni Oba who are onsite and on call everyday to help faculty.

Faculty are not required to come to campus to teach. Dub and Kuni have helped faculty with Zoom to teach from home or office. THE MISSION CONTINUES as students are online with faculty continuing classes. Bro. Brooks is shown teaching Revelation (fitting class???) with students on the monitor. All teachers and students have adapted well.

A complete list of SUMMER CLASSES can be found here.