God’s grace is sufficient because Jesus is alive in us. We worship a living God. Every action should worship the Lord because he dwells in us.

When your actions don’t worship the Lord, it hurts God and riddles us with guilt. This is when God’s grace steps in. We are not perfect, and Jesus is not seeking perfection. When we do make mistakes, it is important to remember that Jesus died for this very reason. His grace is sufficient because he is alive and forgiving as we live. His power is made perfect in our weakness. His grace fills a gap that we cannot fill on our own. No other self-proclaimed deity or man-made religion offers forgiveness and love the way Jesus can. 

There is no obstacle, no addiction, no hurt, no trauma that Jesus cannot help but heal you through. Jesus is all you need. Once you start living for him, you will make fewer mistakes, although you will still make some. Don’t give up hope. The enemy wants you to believe that God doesn’t exist and that you can make your own choices. The Devil is mad and wants to take you down with him. See, Satan’s death is foretold, not yours. Do not be fooled. Jesus was resurrected and is alive, his word lives forever. That is why God’s grace is sufficient for you.

Alyssa Lopez, Student