Beginning August 31st, Dr. Darrell Owens will give 15 minutes of background weekly for the upcoming Sunday School lesson from the Baptist Book Store. Each video will be released on the Monday before that lesson is taught in Sunday School.

  • August 31 – The Beginning of Creation
  • Sept 7 – The Beginning of Mankind
  • Sept 14 – The Beginning of Sin on Earth
  • Sept 21 – The Fruit of Sin
  • Sept 28 – The Grace of God in a Sinful World
  • Oct 5 – The World That Perished
  • Oct 12 – God’s Covenant with the Present World
  • Oct 19 – The Failure of Our Ancestors
  • Oct 26 – Prosperity, Adversity and Misery
  • Nov 2 – Miserable Comforters
  • Nov 9 – Words from a Young Man
  • Nov 16 – A Message from the Lord
  • Nov 23 – Repentance, Submission and Blessing



Every Thursday in September, Dr. Bill Kuykendall will share a proven step for Church Revitalization. Four twenty-minute sessions include:

  • Sept 3 – Does your church need revitalization?
  • Sept 10 – Developing a Greeter’s Ministry.
  • Sept 17 – Guests – How do I greet?
  • Sept 24 – Church Focus & Vision.

Stay tuned as there are more classes to come covering topics such as Youth, Mission Readiness and more! Follow us on Facebook or YouTube to be notified when they are released, or check back here August 31st to begin studying through Genesis! Videos will be viewable here on our website as well as on YouTube.

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Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

—2  Timothy 2:15