Mission Statement

Texas Baptist Institute & Seminary equips saints to do the work of ministry through Biblically-based higher education in harmony with the Bible doctrines of the American Baptist Association to advance the Kingdom of God through the local church ministry of fulfilling the Great Commission.



Texas Baptist Institute & Seminary seeks to accomplish the following for the Glory to God:

  1.     Leaders who model integrity and Biblical discernment in guiding the institution through a continual program of improvement and accountability.
  2.     Bible-centered degree programs that prepare graduates with a quality education, through God’s Word and studies of the secular world, to enable graduates to present the message of Christ to the world. 
  3.     Instruction through Biblically-based curriculum and modeled by spiritually mature faculty that are academically and experientially prepared.
  4.     Learning resources of a diversity of types, accessible to students regardless of location, and supports the curriculum.
  5.     Education that supports the building of Christian community among students, staff, faculty, and administration.


Educational Philosophy

Texas Baptist develops students spiritually in harmony with the Word of God.  All truth is rooted in the inerrant Scriptures.  Students are taught and encouraged to grow spiritually in their devotional life in preparation for their ministry to others, engaging in practical, Biblical, and personal evangelism.  Throughout the student’s education, regardless of degree, the faculty places an emphasis upon the fundamentals of the Christian faith as the source of the practice and motivation of ministry in the contemporary world.

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