Job Placement Rate

The following chart shows employment status for graduates of specific programs. Data is derived from confirmed employment status of graduates with the number of students identified with each year (such as 4/6), indicating that 4 out of 6 graduates within the program that year reported their employment status, or their status was known to the faculty.

2021-2022 Bible Knowledge Exit Exam Results (May 2022)

(Taken from ABHE Bible Knowledge Exam Test based upon 13 total responses from Texas Baptist)

Graduation Rates (First time students)

Limited to full-time, first-time, degree-seeking, undergraduate students who completed their Bachelor's program of study within 6 years (150% of the designated program length). That is, students who began and completed their bachelor's degree here at Texas Baptist within 6 years.
Year# Students Graduating# Students in CohortPercentage

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