Texas Baptist opened as a full-time Institute and Seminary in September 1948. Hundreds of students have received biblical training in its Bible programs. The worth of the school is reflected in the accomplishments of former students who have become leaders in missions, church growth, and Christian education.

Christian education demands the best of dedicated administrators and instructors. God has providentially supplied great leaders and capable instructors to carry the work forward from its beginning. Dr. R. E. Rodgers was the first President of the school and during his two years of dedicated leadership the school began its growth. Dr. A. J. Kirkland assumed the Presidency in 1950 and gave the next twenty-two years of his life to build and establish the school as the great institution of service to the Lord’s churches that she has become. Dr. Ray O. Brooks was chosen to take the reins of leadership following the death of Dr. Kirkland. God has continued to bless as more and more students realize their need to study the Bible.


Texas Baptist Institute & Seminary is located in Henderson, Texas, at 1300 Longview Drive. It is situated on a ten acre campus, which has been its permanent home since the present Administration Building was erected there in 1954.These facilities are single story and handicap accessible.

Since that time, a Library, Office Annex, the A. J. Kirkland Memorial Auditorium and Music Building have been added to the Administration Building.

Texas Baptist Institute & Seminary is also the home of the Antiquity Encounter Museum.

Other buildings include apartments buildings, several small houses, a guest house, the student pantry and the Sweetgum Grove Baptist History Museum.

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