SDL logoThe School of Distance Learning is a continuation of the purpose of Texas Baptist Institute & Seminary to train people to “rightly divide the Word of Truth.” SDL is designed to bring access to classes for those students who are not able to participate in education on the main campus in Henderson, Texas.

SDL courses are open to anyone desiring to grow deeper in Biblical knowledge and dedicated service. Classes are taught by TBI Instructors in an online setting using the same curriculum and taught concurrently with classroom instruction at TBI. Courses run twelve weeks in length with exception of eight weeks for the summer term.



Learning that is accessible anywhere an Internet connection is available.


On Demand

Immediate access to course assignments anytime, allowing your schedule to fit your busy life.



Continue your Christian education while in your current job.


Fall 2016

  • Biblical Youth Ministry Y1102
  • Bible Analysis 31102
  • Christian Doctrine 14102a
  • Church History I 22202a
  • Hermeneutics 38302a
  • Homiletics 56102
  • New Testament Introduction Survey 92102
  • Personal Evangelism 69102
  • Youth Communication Y7102

Winter 2016

  • Bible Backgrounds 32102
  • Biblical Youth Ministry Y1102
  • Children/Youth Evangelism Y2102
  • Christian Doctrine 14102b
  • Church History 22202b
  • Daniel 76202
  • David-Hosea 27202
  • Defense of the Faith 64302
  • Discipleship 81102b
  • English 54102a
  • Genesis 24102
  • Greek 41402b
  • Hermeneutics 38302b
  • Holy Spirit 16102
  • Life of Christ 90102
  • Ministerial Practicalities 83102
  • Scriptural Church Association 18202

Spring 2017

  • ACTS/Biblical Church Planting 67202
  • Christian Doctrine 14102b
  • Church / Christian Education Administration 85102
  • Discipleship 81102c
  • Elementary Greek 41202c
  • English 54102b
  • Exodus – Deuteronomy 25102
  • Galatians 94202
  • Hebrews 95302
  • James 96202
  • Ministry to Parents Y5202
  • Old Testament Introduction (Survey) 71102
  • Pastoral Epistles 84102
  • Romans 99102
  • Youth Counseling Y7202

Summer 2017

  • Bible Analysis 31102
  • Bible Backgrounds 32102
  • Biblical Youth Ministry I Y1102A
  • Biblical Youth Ministry II Y1102B
  • Children/Youth Evang. Y2102
  • Christian Doctrine I 14102A
  • Christian Doctrine II 14102B
  • Christian Leadership 35102
  • Christian Leadership 35102
  • Church History I 22202A
  • Church History II 22202B
  • Church/Christian Education Admin 85102
  • Daniel 76202
  • David – Hosea 27202
  • Defense of the Faith 64302
  • Discipleship II 81102B
  • Discipleship III 81102C
  • Elementary Greek I 41202A
  • Elementary Greek II 41202B
  • Elementary Greek III 41202C
  • Elementary Homiletics 56102
  • English I 54102A
  • English II 54102B
  • Exodus – Deuteronomy 25102
  • Galatians 94202
  • Genesis 24102
  • Hebrews 95302
  • Hermeneutics I 38302A
  • Hermeneutics II 38302B
  • Holy Spirit 16102
  • James 96202
  • Life of Christ 90102
  • Ministerial Practicalities 83102
  • Ministry to Parents Y5202
  • NT Introduction (Survey) 92102
  • OT Introduction (Survey) 71102
  • Pastoral Epistles 84102
  • Personal Evangelism 69102
  • Romans 99102
  • Script. Church Assoc. 18202
  • Teaching Methods (Child) Y6202C
  • Teaching Methods (Teens) Y6202T
  • Youth Communication Y7102
  • Youth Counseling Y7202
  • Youth Worship Ministry Y9202


What is an online course?

Online courses are conducted over the Internet and do not have meetings in a designated physical space.

What computer skills do I need to take an online course?

You will need to know the following:

  • how to use a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word
  • how to type
  • how to send email
  • how to do basic downloads from the Internet, and
  • how to attach files.
How much does an online course cost?

Each course cost:

  • $100 per course
  • Cost of Books
  • Shipping
Is an online course easier than an on-campus course?

It depends on how you learn.  You can expect to succeed in an online course if you put in as much study time as you do in any of your successful on-campus courses; maintain good time management habits, and be familiar with technology.

Would I have to be online at a certain time for class?

Most if not all of the work will be done on your own time according to your schedule – this gives you flexibility and the responsibility to stay on task. The course may require to meet at a certain time for online discussions. The syllabus will note this information.

What kind of technology would I need for an online course?

You will need an email account, a reliable Internet connection, and access to a computer. Your instructor may require additional materials or software.

What course management system does SDL use?

SDL uses Populi, a student management system. You will need to logon to this management system to access course materials and assignments. A link is located on the TBI homepage.

How do I enroll for an online course?

You register for an online course as you do for any credit course. All students must logon to Populi for registration. You will find a link to Populi on the TBI homepage. www.tbi.edu.

When does class begin?

Your course begins on the date specified on the TBI calendar.  See the TBI homepage.

How do I drop a course?

You may drop an online course on Populi as you would any other course..

Who do I contact with SDL questions?

You may follow the syllabus contact information concerning the specific course details. Send questions concerning the use of the SDL software (Populi) to the SDL Coordinator

How do I know the courses I have completed or need to take?

You may locate current and past course information by choosing the STUDENT tab in Populi.

Who monitors and submits my required assignments?

You are in charge of submitting assignments when due. The SDL coordinator and instructors monitor your progress but you are responsible for all of these submissions.

What if my Internet is not working?

A reliable Internet service is required. Please plan and submit assignments so as to allow for potential service interruptions. Contact the SDL coordinator with concerns or questions when necessary.

My course requires memory work. How does that work online?

You must locate a person to serve as your memory work “listener.” You will recite all memory work to this person BEFORE receiving credit for this assignment. The instructor may require additional information from the “listener.”

What is the absolute last day an assignment can be submitted?

You will submit each week’s assignments as directed. Special circumstances may cause delays. Contact the SDL Coordinator for assistance. Note: ALL assignments MUST be submitted by the last day of the term

How are essay assignments graded?

Your essay questions and assignments are individually graded by your course instructor. This grading process will not be automatic which requires a slightly longer wait for a grade.

Who updates my profile information?

You must update your profile information and keep all contact information current.

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