Academics at TBI

Texas Baptist Institute and Seminary is divided into two major sections: Institute and Seminary. Students complete their first and second years (freshmen and sophomore) of college work in the Institute. All first year students are enrolled in the Institute Division. Enrollment in Seminary Division is limited to students who have demonstrated capacity for work of that division during the first six terms of work in the Institute Division. A demonstrated capacity for work in the first six terms of the Institute (at least an 86% average grade – a B) is a pre-requisite to enrollment into the Seminary. The bachelor, master, and doctoral programs are completed at the Seminary level.



This course of study is a prerequisite for students who plan to pursue advanced studies in the Seminary Division. In addition, it offers a well rounded study course for those who have no desire, need, or opportunity to take advanced training. It affords appropriate studies and recognition for ministers’ wives, teachers, deacons, and others who can attend school only for a limited period or part-time. Upon completion of the two year, six term course of one hundred and two (102) credit hours, the student may be presented the degree of Associate of Bible.


This course of study offers the choice of either a Youth Ministry or Music Ministry focus. Either focus requires a core of Bible classes along with church leadership and church administration studies. Students then choose to include classes of Youth Ministry or Music Ministry. Upon completion of the two year, six terms and the required one hundred and two (102) credit hours, the student may be presented the degrees of Associate of Church Ministry – Youth or Associate of Church Ministry – Music.




These Seminary Division study programs are normally completed after the second and third years of work respectively. The student may choose to major in:

  • English Bible (161 credit hours)
  • English & Greek (173 credit hours)
  • English & Hebrew (173 credit hours)
  • Greek & Hebrew (175 credit hours)


This post-graduate program is open only by faculty election. No one will be considered for entrance into this program with less than three years of ministry beyond graduation with a Master Degree. Faculty nominations for possible entrance into this program shall be made on the basis of demonstrated scholarship, leadership, stability in the faith, and accomplishments in the ministry. Nominees who desire to engage in doctorate work shall submit a 5000 word prospectus to outline the proposed field of research, the need for the study, a plan for research, a proposed thesis title, outline, and tentative bibliography. Upon approval of the prospectus by the Dean and Faculty Advisor, the candidate may enroll for the Doctorate Program.

Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

—2  Timothy 2:15

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